This awesome first time remaster of a classic real disciplinary spanking I gave to Abby. Of course it starts out with me spanking Jewel for not doing her all of her chores. That was expected of her and consequences were handed out daily if not performed. A knock at the door gives my submissive a reprieve until later, as Jewel greet Abby at the door and walks her into the corner , where a stool awaits her. After bare bottomed corner time, she is told to pull up her jeans. She actually thought I had changed my mind! ( silly girl) I start with an amazingly hard hand spanking as she is put over my knee. Fast and hard ones have her yelping, only to have her pull her jeans down for an unbelievable bottom bruising spanking of my vanilla stand-in friend. What many don’t know is that the real reason behind this spanking, was her recommendation to hire her cute roommate to do some photo editing for me. Her friend actually lost some jpgs and Abby agreed to take her spanking for her. NTW… I actually spanked her roommate after this as she felt horrible after seeing the state of Abby’s bottom. She just didn’t want it filmed. It was epic though!

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She is a follower and pal of the studio and involved see us film “Consequences” …

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