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All Grown Up – w/Mallory Maneater

All Grown Up - w/Mallory Maneater All Grown Up - w/Mallory Maneater

Mallory Maneater is a famous hardcore porn star that came to us, curious about taking her first spanking,…and did she ever get a spanking in this movie!
Mallory is the kinda girl that could make a Daddy furious, and in this situation she makes her Dad mad enough to spank her bare butt like he’s never done before. You see, Mallory should already be in college, but she’s been screwing up and getting behind in school. Even worse, she’s been spending her afternoons webcamming for men twice her age or more and enjoying it too! She loves the money and being naked, in fact we see her masturbating with a vibrator and having an orgasm before her Daddy catches her getting ready for the next show!
Mallory’s Dad was not pleased at all, in fact he was angry when he caught her topless next to her vibrator! He gave her a choice, she could move out, or get her life in gear and also accept a strict spanking. Her Dad had generally let her off easy in the past, rarely ever spanking her and certainly not hard, but things were going to change on this day. Mallory accepts the corporal punishment option almost excitedly and goes over the knee for a long and hard spanking that immediately starts to color her petite bottom a bright shade of red! The spanking only gets worse for her when the belt is applied to her exposed bottom. Then to her Daddy’s surprise, Mallory suggests that he use her studded belt to tan her buns as well! It’s almost as if she wants the spanking, perhaps she craves the attention that she’s getting or maybe Mallory just needs the structure,…or maybe her Daddy has unknowingly just raised a dirty girl???
In any case, Mallory’s behind is in for a world of hurt. The red starts to turn to purple on her sweet swollen cheeks as she takes swats with two different leather paddles. Her Daddy is determined to welt her little butt and to change her ways before it’s too late, and if he can’t change her, she’s still gonna be taking hard licks from now on as long as she lives under his roof. Mallory faces several more implements before the painful punishment is over. It’s clear the relationship that she’s had with her Daddy has changed from what it once was, because Mallory has made her choices now that’s she’s all grown up.

All Grown Up - w/Mallory Maneater

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