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DallasSpanksHard – Miranda’s List

DallasSpanksHard - Miranda's List

I got to know Miranda over an social media APP. She had heard my pod cast, liked what she heard and reached out to me regarding issues she was having with certain behaviors. When she showed up with the list of these behaviors and I saw that the first two were ‘tier one’ offenses (explained in video) I knew I had to step in severely this morning.

After, some time sitting on a stool in the corner, with her dress clipped up in back for embarrassment factor. She is made to confront her list, only I clipped it to her back and go over them with you, the audience. I made such an impression on Sierra Salem (when I spanked her cold with a ruler strap, I decided that Miranda needed to have her attention grabbed right from the start. With her bottom well out, I use that strap with full forced swings, as it instantly marked her. From there she is bent over the stool for a serious meeting with the antique razor strap.

Over my knee afterwards for a thunderous ‘Dallas Style’ hand spanking, a large hairbrush, paddle-strap and my most feared razor strap of all (The Black and White) at the end of each she had to roll the ‘universe dice’ and is given a certain number and an implement the dice chose.

After all this…She was given 100 HARD SWATS with my large paddle, I have been using for twenty-three years. She literally walked out the door after this paddling to make a flight home!

This one is not to be missed!

DallasSpanksHard - Miranda's List

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