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English education Part 1

English education Part 1English education Part 1English education Part 1

Thanks to one of our viewers from the UK who’s seen the film “School of burlesque”, we shot a new project. The film is made under the scenario of the gentleman of England and paid for them. He gave his consent to the project saw our videotitle. Here is the script of the film. Today we will show you the first series.

Come to class three Schoolgirls. They greet the teacher.
Good day
– I don’t know how good he is to you. Whose evil idea came to Rob the shop of Madame Smith? I saw her and she told me in detail about your arts. Why do you lace stockings and panties!?. They are still forbidden to wear at our hostel. Why do you need bright makeup?
It was my idea – says one of the kids – we wanted to dress up as adult ladies. But to sell such cosmetics is forbidden for us.
– And you decided to steal. Despite the ban! And if Mrs Smith caught you at the crime scene, called the police. You know, where would you be in this case?
Schoolgirls, heads lowered, staring at the floor. One of them still delivers the voice.
– Understand miss Sandra
– No. I see that You very badly understand it. And worst of all you miss violet. May I ask You a very serious lesson. As the ringleader of this gang company. Come to me. She Wears a stupid hat and puts into the corner.
And you, – refers the teacher to the other two girls while you sit and ponder your behavior. – while I will fill a book of sentences. Soon you will be very difficult to sit. Your priests whipped.
In complete silence the teacher fills in the punishment book.
Then turns to the seated girls.
– come to me miss Katie. Now raise up your skirt.

English education Part 1

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English education Part 1

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