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Haven – OTK Paddles (Part 1-4)

Haven - OTK Paddles (Part 1-4) Haven - OTK Paddles (Part 1-4)

Lilly pointed out to me she had a local lady called Haven, which might discover life with corrective spankings. She is just twenty years of ages and also ‘life lessons’ going forward and also for things from her past are needed to make her a much more well balanced girl. She agreed!

I covered a part of her life that was described pretty much as ‘alcohol and young boy insane’. She is offered a great, hard, bottom-bruising, spanking on her bare base. You will love this girl!

Thanks LILLY!

Nothing markets St Paddy’s Day like an alabaster bottom being blistered with paddles (That’s my tale … I’m stickin’ to it) Haven bit off greater than she might eat with her brazen perspective when Lilly sent her to us. it is the day later on where you see your effect. She cried to me about just how sore her base was the next day … My job there was done … NOT RIGHT NOW THOUGH!

For those jean-lovers, Haven is strapped hard over her pants until I pull them down, to blister her already inflamed and also sore bottom. Haven is a registered nurse … and required one when this was over!

Taken over my knee, our rowdy redhead is given a hard paddling as well as tawsing! I pull down her denims and sore her with that said tawse and paddle on her crimson as well as inflamed cheeks! A great view of her on her knees considering what a real paddling was, is icing on top of a RED VELOUR cake.

Haven - OTK Paddles (Part 1-4)

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