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Raven Alexis – Raven All-Star Redo

Raven Alexis - Raven All-Star Redo

If a spanking ever needed a re-master and complete re-edit it is this one! For those of you who don’t know who Raven Alexis is. She is a six-time nominated and two time AVN award winning adult actress. She had never been spanked before this day! When Raven showed up with a super-fresh ( and hideous if I dare say) tattoo. I decided she was going to be introduced to a first spanking right. When she told me she had gotten it when she got drunk on two days earlier…her ass was mine! I told her this and she pretty much agreed with me. That is why I chose to use the vitamin e oil as well. I wanted her spanking to be one she would never forget. Being one to always draw from a models real life before spanking her. I did get out of her that she was actually a very well celebrated athlete in the small town she grew up is Washington. Then the partying started and she quit athletic pursuits. I love it when a girl gives me fuel like that to create the right burn… and burn she did. End of Part 1

Raven’s painful spanking continues! My hand heating up her oiled bottom so affectively, that she that she tries to elbow me as the pain grew to me so intense! Her cute bottom swollen to twice the size…so tender…so hot! Raven knew that this would be a first spanking she would never forget. When I bring out two straps, and one is the Canadian prison strap… it left no doubt to her whatsoever. You will love how the strap sticks to her oiled bottom and pulls back the skin a little, creating even more of a burn! Here is the clincher though! When I asked her about this painful punishment she responded ” I liked it”. Just goes to show another facet of the spanking diamond.

Raven Alexis - Raven All-Star Redo

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