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Spank me til I Cry – Casey’s Request

Spank me til I Cry – Casey’s Request Spank me til I Cry – Casey’s Request

Part 1 – Casey had never been disciplined growing up and had a fascination with receiving punishment with authority figures. These fantasies grew until her senior year when her very handsome soccer coach finally put her over his knee and gave her the spanking of her life, and offered to keep her in line if she ever need more. Finally she works up the courage to call him and ask for a paddling on her bare bottom til she cries . One night she is home alone and the Coach makes a house call to take care of his star soccer player in desperate need of a spanking. She is waiting obediently in her room , clad in tiny boy shorts, a flimsy tank top with no bra and knee sock. Sternly ordered over his lap , his big hands spanking with surprising force over and over as she squirms and wimpers. She is determined to get the spanking she’s always dreamed about , settling into for a non stop barrage of hard stinging swats. Finally she is informed that real spankings are on the bare bottom , embarrassed as he lowers her panties to renew his efforts on her naked ass. Her pussy betrays her excitement at finally getting the rough discipline she has craved her whole life. Part 2 – Casey has been spanked and paddled over the Coach’s lap , but he knows she needs a harder beating to make sure she has s good hard cry. Panties down over the bed, his Frat Paddle explodes against her bare bottom. Her tender flesh is beaten swollen and red, wiggling so much that he pulls her back over his lap and pins her legs. She begins to scream as the hardest swats fall, writhing and exposed over his lap. Determined to teach her a lesson , the Coach is not swayed by her cries and soundly beats her ass til she collapses over his lap, making her count the last 10 swats.

Spank me til I Cry – Casey’s Request

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