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UniversalSpanking – The Blackmail Series: Delta’s Spanking

UniversalSpanking - The Blackmail Series: Delta's SpankingUniversalSpanking - The Blackmail Series: Delta's Spanking
Delta is one of those disrespectful women at the gym that always thinks that she’s better than everyone else, and she won’t take a moment to be friendly for any reason. In fact, she treats Jon (who is the Director of Operations at the Gym) like he doesn’t even exist. He’s gone out of his way to be kind to Delta, but she never reciprocates just a wave or shows a slight smile. Well, their situation changes when Jon finds the phone that Delta dropped during her last workout. Upon further inspection, he discovers that she’s been blackmailing several men for lots of money,…and then he decides to take revenge!
Jon approaches Delta to see if she lost her phone (knowing that she did) and her first response is to demand it back in anger. Jon makes it clear that he knows she’s been blackmailing a bunch of guys and that he could report her actions to a higher authority, and that would likely bring her some hard time in jail. Jon then gives her a choice, Delta can show up to his hotel room and be obedient to him, or he can turn her in, reluctantly Delta chooses to show up at Jon’s room.
Once in Jon’s room Delta is instructed to hold several workout positions so she can be inspected, he really loves seeing her tight body struggling just for him. Delta also comes to learn that what Jon plans to do to her is going to hurt,…Jon is going to spank her beautiful and tight,…though rude bottom! He starts out spanking her while she’s holding a yoga position, Delta’s buns are sticking almost straight up in the air and Jon smacks away without a care in the world. He really seems to enjoy having her full attention as he gains a sense of pleasure from punishing her behind.
Next, Jon pulls down Delta’s tight workout pants to reveal only a tiny thong as he continues to spank her with his unforgiving hand. Soon, the belt comes off and he starts to whip some of the sass right out of her, Delta is crying out loudly though there’s nothing that she can say or do to make Jon stop. Delta is really in a horrible position, she’s at Jon’s mercy and she cringes when he adds some oil to her behind before he uses a split tailed strap on her, making the sting even worse! She hates that she’s being humiliated and embarrassed and that Jon is getting to see her suffer, then things become even worse when a wooden paddle is applied to the bare and sore bottom of Delta. She’s never felt a pain like this and now her bottom is throbbing and she’s feeling horribly exposed, this is truly more than a spanking, this is a man regaining his pride while a sassy blackmailer loses hers.

UniversalSpanking - The Blackmail Series: Delta's Spanking
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