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PunishedBrats – The Misadventures Of Audrey

PunishedBrats - The Misadventures Of Audrey PunishedBrats - The Misadventures Of Audrey

While at a dinner party with several of the upper echelon of the company for which her husband works in attendance Audrey came on to to the CEO in an attempt to convince him to let John have off for a vacation that she desperately wants. When her husband, John saw his bratty spouse in action he quickly swooped in, and took off for home with Audrey in tow. No words were spoken in the car on the way home. Once there Audrey tried to be playful in the hopes of avoiding the punishment she knew to be coming. After a quick discussion Audrey found herself over John’s lap and rapidly needed to admit the error she had made. She was in for a long, hard spanking.
As Audrey’s spanking proceeded she promised to never, ever flirt with anyone to get what she wants. After her spanking John sat his wife upon his lap and rubbed her sore bottom, clearly hoping for make up sex.

Audrey was the star of an indie film but her propensity for arriving after call time and being difficult onset was costing the producers of the film too much money. The director was called upon to have a talk with the star of his production. In the not too distant past she was clearly on her way to stardom but the big roles stopped coming. Now the director David Pierson,a director that film legend Joelle Barros equated to Bernardo Bertolucci, laid it out plainly to his talented but difficult star. He noted that her showing up late was disrupting to all working on the project. She came up with many excuses that were clearly made up of whole cloth. David noted that he believed that her lack of work ethic lead to her diminishment in the business. Instead of hearing what was being said she quoted a famous line from Hollywood Boulevard. ” I am big, it’s that business that has gotten small”. At that point David had enough and took Audrey over his lap and called to his crew, ” I think we will be adding a spanking scene to this movie”. He instructed the crew to shoot what was about to occur. Audrey shouted from both pain and anger as David landed his first few slaps to the seat of her dress. He then lifted the skirt and spanked her over her lovely panties. As David proceeded with the spanking Audrey slapped his hand. Within seconds she was now being spanked on her bare bottom with cast and crew watching crying out from the pain and embarrassment
Audrey was spanked until she promised to be on time and to do her best work. She waited until the director walked away before she called out in pain and attempted to rub the pain from her red sore bottom.

PunishedBrats - The Misadventures Of Audrey

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