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SarahGregorySpanking – Step-Sister’s Punishment

SarahGregorySpanking - Step-Sister's Punishment

Kiki has been getting all the blame for Sophia’s misbehavior and Kiki has had enough. She is going to teach her younger step-sister a lesson and the kind of lesson that she has been getting from step-mom and step-dad. Kiki takes little step-sister, Sophia, over her lap to give her a well-deserved spanking for all the times poor Kiki got the blame instead of the younger sibling. Step-Daddy walks in on this spanking scene and is shocked not only to learn that Sophia has been lying but that Kiki has now decided to take matters into her own hands instead of telling step-mom and step-dad. So step-daddy spanks Sophia for the first time (something that he should have done a long time ago, it seems). Sophia is embarrassed that she is spanked in front of her step-sister as Kiki giggles and smirks at her misfortune. However, Kiki’s smug demeanor is short-lived as she is not getting away scot-free either! Kiki has her turn over Step-Daddy’s lap, just as Sophia did, getting her bare round bottom hand spanked before both girls are strapped side by side. This is a humiliating finale for them as they can each see the other receiving hard swats of leather from step-daddy’s heavy strap. Punishments at home will be far more equal in the future now that it appears both his girls need regular discipline.

SarahGregorySpanking - Step-Sister's Punishment

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